Tips To Taste Success

November 4, 2015 Off By Katie Chambers

Social media and mobile are the most heard words in marketing today. The whole world has literally moved to the online medium of marketing. The shift is happening at such a rapid pace that it won’t be too long before offline marketing will be forgotten. Off all the forms of digital marketing, location-based marketing using geospatial managed services is something that wins all marketers. The practice has significant potential to improve sales volumes at fractional costs. Here are some tested and proven tips to taste success with your location based marketing tactics:Blogging
Blogging helps appeal to a local market in an efficient manner. Using the right Metatag that is specific to your area of operation or business precincts will help gain a solid online presence using geospatial managed services. Make sure your pages are properly indexed in search engines to gain maximum audience for your web pages.

Using location-based marketing is good, but failing to measure the response is a sure recipe to failure. Analytics helps in knowing the performance of your location-based marketing activities. A variety of apps like Web Trends Mobile, Titanium + Geo, Geotoko, Fourscore, etc. help know how many footfalls resulted in final sales conversion.

Dynamic coupons and offers
Coupons have been the best way to win attention of customers. Can coupon based location marketing find place in your marketing strategy? If so, chances are that your business will get more customers that offline marketing cannot provide. Popular coupon apps like Cellfire, Foursquare, Pushpins, The Coupons App, are popular amidst mobile users since 2011.

Check-ins and virtual badges
People want to show off when they visit an awesome place with the help of geospatial data mapping software, know more at They want to flaunt to their friends and peers that they are having fun at a place where the whole world wants to be. With check-ins and virtual badges for visiting, a business can turn its location based marketing into a viable option to make a customer visit repeatedly.

Pay-per-click advertising
Pay-per-click advertising for high-intent businesses like dentist services, doctor consultation, professional services, etc. has more potential if the right keywords for locations are used. The keywords should be location centric, targeted to specific customers and should be well researched to gain desired response.

Make Google your friend
Google as a business friendly website does help optimize your webpage or Google plus profile to be location specific. Customer searching for related keywords in your geographic vicinity will be directed to your mobile websites if the location is marked correctly in good business profile.

Optimize for local search
To gain maximum response from local crowd it is essential that your websites and profiles in social media sites are optimized to the local and geo-centric keywords. Creating a geo sitemap, building profiles on other sites and article forums for SEO ranking and building links from local bloggers are all essential to taste wins from location-based marketing.