Turning A Hobby Into A Career

Turning A Hobby Into A Career

June 16, 2016 Off By Katie Chambers

Artistic hobbies such as drawing and writing are often looked down upon, as careers in these fields are hard to come across, and unless you are extremely successful in these fields, the pay is not high. For this reason, children who are talented in aesthetic fields such as this are often discouraged to pursue their hobbies as careers, and instead are pushed to pursue careers in fields that seemingly have more job opportunities. This is unfortunate, as these children are pushed to abandon what they love in order to study what is safe. Contrary to popular societal beliefs, it is possible to turn a hobby into a successful career. It does take a higher level of risk and more hard work than other careers, but if you do succeed, it will pay off. There is nothing quite as satisfactory as being able to wake up and do what you love as a career. So how can you transform a simple hobby into a well-paying career?
Using your Artistic Skills

If you wish to pursue a career in which you are allowed to use your artistic and drawing skills, the path is wide open to you. There are various methods of turning your art into a means of money. The most clich├ęd way is to become a successful artist who has their paintings displayed at art galleries. This however, is not the only way to go. If you have a passion for web site design, you could sell custom paintings for commissions via the internet. There are many avenues and websites that facilitate this.

You could also use your graphic design

Gold Coast skills to become an editor for a magazine, or work in the field of advertising. Really, the possibilities are nearly endless! If you enjoy drawing cartoons or semi-realistic pictures, a career as a cartoonist or a book illustrator may be for you. There are several avenues that are open to you to pursue your hobby of drawing as a career. Look online for other ways to do so. Remember to practice constantly, as many who have succeed as an artist will all agree that improving your skills is vital.

Using your Writing Skills

There are many ways to use your writing and language skills as a career. If you enjoy creative writing, you could be a novelist. You could also earn money through writing poetry or short stories. As more and more online and e-book publishing companies are created, the opportunities to become self-published grow. You could also consider a career as an editor, whether for a publishing company or newspaper. If you enjoy essay or argumentative writing, a career as a journalist or blogger may interest you. Many new online news agencies look for young millennial talent with an interesting set of opinions to write argumentative articles for them, a skill that cannot be learned without natural talent.